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I have a java/j2ee application displaying data on UI connected to a Oracle database using Eclipse link.

I want the database to push data back to the UI in case of any changes.

Could I do a push change notification natively in eclipse link without my application having to poll the database for updated results?

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Kind of depends on your specific client technology and its ability to support push updates. If you are using Oracle ADF Faces then look up the documentation on the Active Data Services. For example: http://donatas.nicequestion.com/2012/07/building-simple-chat-application-with.html More samples http://www.connotea.org/user/jdeveloper/tag/ads

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Thanks for the response @ShayShmeltzer. While ADF ADS does the job of delivering the update from the java application to the client UI, the part which is still unknown is how the database tells the java application that a row Y of a table X was updated. The eclipselink documentation given by @FrankNimphius mentions the use of OracleChangeNotificationListener. However that document is too abstract and does not tell you which methods in the listener are invoked or which type of data is returned. –  Vinit Asher Sep 21 '12 at 23:23

According to the Eclipselink user guide I googled http://wiki.eclipse.org/EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Basic_JPA_Development/Caching/DatabaseEvents , the answer is yes.


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How do I notify my java application using OracleChangeNotificationListener. How would the database notify me regarding which tables and rows have changed? –  Vinit Asher Sep 19 '12 at 19:22
Any Suggestions? @FrankNimphius –  Vinit Asher Sep 20 '12 at 18:41

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