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I'm trying to write a module for OpenERP 6.1 that will hide the "Send an SMS" button on the Partner form. I tried overwriting the window action's id with a different name and src_model, but only the name change appeared. I traced through the code, and it looks like the ir_values records from the base module are still linking the action to the res.partner model.

Is there a legitimate way to hide a sidebar button, or am I going to have to modify the base module? I briefly tried restricting permissions on the wizard's table, but that didn't seem to have an effect.

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Just try the <delete> tag, it works for XML as well as YAML. You can delete a specific record by its XML id, or use search criteria.

<delete model="ir.actions.act_window" id="other_module.action_id"/>
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Thanks, I'd forgotten about that tag. – Don Kirkby Sep 19 '12 at 19:12

In the view for the window add


<act_window name="Invoice Membership"
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Go to the "Settings" module:

  • Open menu option Customization -> Low Level Objects -> Window Actions.
  • Search for "SMS" in the Action Name and open it's form.
  • In the "Security" tab you can set the groups that can view this action. Add the "Administrator / Configuration" group and it will be hidden to regular users.
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Just add multi="True" on .
This allows to hide the action in form view but you can use it from "action" gear icon in menu.

<act_window id="action_partner_sms_send" 
    name="Send an SMS"


Thank you.

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Please try by creating a new group and provide this group to your button/link and don't add this group to any user.

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