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I seem to be having an issue with a segmentation fault. I'm not sure why.

int inputNumber;
vector<string> inputName;
// Input number of inputs
cout << "Enter the number of inputs you will be using" <<endl;
cin >> inputNumber;
while(floor(inputNumber) != inputNumber) {
    cin >> inputNumber;
cout << "Input Number reached" << inputNumber <<endl;

//Enter names of vectors
for(int x=0; x>=inputNumber; x++){
    string temp;
    cout << "Enter the name for input " << x << ": ";
    cin >> temp;
    cout << x <<endl;

The line marked cout << "Input Number reached" << inputNumber << endl; runs just fine. It segmentation faults afterwards. I'm assuming it involves referencing the vector but I'm not quite sure.

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can't see a segfault problem, but your loop condition is wrong: x>=inputNumber. You want to loop so long as x is less than inputNumber: x < inputNumber. – pb2q Sep 19 '12 at 0:18
Its odd because if you are entering inputNumber as a positive value you will never go into the for (e.g. if you entered inputNumber as 5, 0>=5 is false and you'll never iterate). – Hernan Velasquez Sep 19 '12 at 0:19
std::vector::append? vector has no member function append, this code wouldn't even compile and, if it did, your loop would likely never execute. Show us a real example please. I suppose I am assuming that inputName is a std::vector<T>, could be wrong. – Ed S. Sep 19 '12 at 0:20
Assuming you are using gcc, compile your code with debugging symbols on -g and then you can run your program using the debugger gdb --args ./myapp and see exactly where it is failing. – j.w.r Sep 19 '12 at 0:30

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