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I have a fixed header div and a fixed side bar div on a web page. A shadow extends past the height of the menu. When the menu shadow overlaps the links, they are only partially hoverable. I've not find a way to change the z-index of the links. Can someone help me?

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/Kf6Fw/2/

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One way of solving it is to add another div, #top-wrap, around #top

<div id="side">
    <div id="top-wrap">
        <div id="top">
            <a href='#'>Dictionary</a>
            <a href='#'>Comments</a>

So you can set the that with a lower z-index than that of #menu_all


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If you put this z-index: 6; position: relative; on #top then it goes over the shadow, but you also lose the shadow.

I would recommend moving the link down - having a shadow go over the link is not good usability anyway.

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