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I am attempting to draw a star (this is my first OpenGL attempt), but the bottom and left sides are drawing as flat, even though I have vertices set up for them. What am I missing here?

    glVertex2i(210, 90);
    glVertex2i(135, 135);
    glVertex2i(105, 210);
    glVertex2i(75, 135);
    glVertex2i(0, 90);
    glVertex2i(55, 75);
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Polygons defined with GL_POLYGON must be convex. You can't make a star with it, because it has convex and concave parts.

The proper way to draw your star would be to define all the triangles that make up a star and draw them in a list of GL_TRIANGLES. GL_POLYGON is deprecated from modern opengl anyway, so you would be wise not to pay much attention to it.

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That would make sense, thank you! (I can't accept yet, but I will when I can) – user1681782 Sep 19 '12 at 1:07

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