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I'm creating a new explicit app ID because I want to use APNS and I only have the wildcard app ID, e.g. A1B2C3D4E5.*, that Xcode created for me.

For the "Bundle Seed ID (App ID Prefix)," should I "Use your Team ID or select an existing Bundle Seed ID"?

The iOS Provisioning Portal : Create App ID page says:

If you are creating a suite of applications that will share the same Keychain access, use the same bundle Seed ID for each of your application's App IDs.

What is my Team ID and when should I use it?

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I ended up using my Team ID (which generated a new Bundle Seed ID). Here was my reasoning (Acani is my app's name.).

OK. Do I want to use Team ID or existing ID?

I think existing ID.

Why? If you use existing ID, then any app you build will share keychain access with Acani.


So, do you want that?

Well, not really... But, what if I want to make another app. And I want it to share keychain access with Acani? AND, it doesn't need an explicit app ID? Then, I have to create another wildcard app ID for no reason.. Actually, what if Apple does this automatically (I doubt it. [It didn't]).

OK. So, big deal. You'll have three app IDs. Everything will be more organized though. One app ID for development. One for Acani and one for the other app that you want to share Keychain access with Acani.

OK. Sounds good. :)

Are you sure?

No, I'm not sure... but if I keep fretting over it, I'm not going to do anything... I'm just going to sit here...

Well, I want to make sure I make the best choice.

There is no best choice. Also, it doesn't really matter.

I'd say use a new team ID because that's what you're intention is. I mean, you're not intending to share Keychain accesss with any other apps right now. And, in the future, if you are, you create another app ID. It's that simple.

OK. But, why not just use the existing app ID?

Well... You could, but this way, if you want to have developers work and not let them access Acani's Keychain services, you can. :)

OK. Sounds perfect!

Sometimes, if I don't have another person to talk things over with, simply talking to myself in a text editor is comforting... :) #protip

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