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I have three tables.

LEFT ---------|<- LEFT_RIGHT ->|--------- RIGHT
class Left {
    // no collection mapping for LeftRight

class Right {
    // no collection mapping for LeftRight

class LeftRight {

    private Left left;

    private Right right;

Note that neither Left nor Right doesn't have any reference for LeftRights.

Is there any way with Criteria-API to selecting from Left while joining to LeftRight?

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You could create a criteria query for LeftRight and use projection to retrieve the left property:

    // Add whatever restrictions on Left properties
    .add("name", "%something%"))
    // Use projection to retrieve the left property
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The above code uses the Hibernate API, which is not the JPA Criteria API. Could you show how do the above with the JPA Criteria API? – Marco Aug 1 '15 at 6:55

Yes, just use a selection.

CriteriaQuery cq = cb.createQuery();
Root r = cq.from(LeftRight.class);"left"));
Query query = em.createQuery(cq);

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