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I'm trying to retrieve Android style values at runtime, so I can apply them within a custom component. (Passing a style ID as the 3rd parameter to an embedded View's constructor doesn't seem to work.) I've found Context. obtainStyledAttributes(int, int[]), but this seems to mysteriously fail to retrieve specific attributes that I know are set in the style. (That is, when the int[] of android.R.attr.* values contains a mix of attributes that are specified in the style and attributes that are not specified in the style, the TypedArray will have a value (i.e. TypedArray. hasValue(int)) for some, but not all, of the attributes that are specified in the style.)

I've also found Resources. obtainTypedArray(int), and it seems to always have all the values in the style - but it seems very hard to use. The issue is that the values don't seem to specify which attribute they are for - they simply appear in the order that the attributes appear in the <style> resource.

  • Even in the special case where I know which style I'm examining, I can't make assumptions about the order of the attributes: someone may come along and sort them alphabetically, or functionally, or randomly.

  • In the more general case where I need to handle whichever style resource the user may have specified, I need to probe by android.R.attr.* value.

So, my question: Is there any way to find which attributes, in which order, a style contains?

I can call Resources. getIntArray( styleId ), but this does not give me an int[] of android.R.attr.* values!

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I found why Context. obtainStyledAttributes(int, int[]), kept "mysteriously fail[ing]": the int[] needs to be sorted.

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