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I am trying to refine my article and giving my user flexibility to decide what they want to view.

Here the models with relationship

    has_many :tags, through: :articletags
    belongs_to :article
    belongs_to :tags
    has_many :article, through: articletags

Now the idea is the use would go in article and on the side see the tags.title which then give refresh the pages with Article where tags = "world". Now i am trying to do this with scope but i am not to sure how to do it. Here my scope in my model

scope :by_tags, where(title => ?, "world news")

Here how i call it

<%= link_to (tag.title), articles_path(:scope => "test") %>

But obviously it doesn't work how can i fix it?

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<%= link_to (tag.title), articles_path(:scope => tag.title) %>


def self.by_tags(tag)
  joins(:tags).where('tags.title = ?', tag)


def index
  @articles = Article.by_tags(params[:scope])
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