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How can I scroll to the far right of the page. The width of the page varies. So, I don't know the width of the page before?

I tried using window.scrollTo, but it is not working as I wanted.

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Quick and dirty solution (and hope that no IE version will not hang up on this):

window.scrollTo(100000, 0)

Correct Solution (measure width of content and page and scroll to specific point):

Include jQuery and do it like this:

var innerWidth = $(window).width(),  // = browser width
    pageWidth = $(document).width(); // = 2010 (div + border)

window.scroll(pageWidth - innerWidth, 0);

See the ​jsFiddle here.

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Since width will vary, you will need to get the width of the document after the page has been rendered, then once you have that value, you scroll to it. Here's an example:

  var width = document.body.offsetWidth;
  window.scrollTo(width, 0);
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Answering my own question. I found that scrollIntoView method works best.

Docs on MDN

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