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I have a site URL: <removed after answering> and it is mapped to show as app on facebook:

I'm able to track engagements on the apps.facebook url and direct URL on all browsers except IE. I have tried different solutions from people on the internet but none seem to work.

You can have a look at he source of the page to look at analytics settings. Am I doing something wrong?

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You will see some popup's appear on the page, these are in place to track the engagement of the user. I have placed alert in "RegisterOnGA" function of the page where i use _gaq.push, to log event data. I assume that if this pop up is seen, _gaq.push has worked correctly. It seems that this is not the case with IE because there is no data log for it. – Kunal Sep 19 '12 at 2:31
I have no iE here. Can you confirm if the google analytics cookies are being set? Maybe iE doesn't allow you to set cookies on IP addresses. No Cookies = No GA – Eduardo Sep 19 '12 at 9:54
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Solved the issue. With help from:, i tried the solution for and it worked. Apparently it looks like cookies were not being set as expected.

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