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I'm coding an app for ipad. I create a PopViewController as a popup menu and use the following statements in ThirdViewConroller when the user clicks on the actionButton.

// set UIPopupoverController   
  if([popupCtr isPopoverVisible])
    [popupCtr dismissPopoverAnimated:YES];


    [popupCtr setPopoverContentSize:CGSizeMake(500, 500)];
    [popupCtr presentPopoverFromBarButtonItem:sender     permittedArrowDirections:UIPopoverArrowDirectionAny     animated:YES];


The ThirdViewController has a UIWebView. I want to pass the data that user selects words in the UIWebView to the PopViewController, then I can use the data by clicking the buttons in PopViewController. Such as the buttons, Reply, Reply All, Forward, and Print, in the mail-app of ipad get data from the mail.

How can I do it?

Thanks for your help.

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check this link. Did you mean that? stackoverflow.com/questions/1968872/… –  dhcdht Sep 19 '12 at 2:41
Do you want to pass value into another class ? –  Vineesh TP Sep 19 '12 at 3:33

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If you want one object to be able to get or receive data from another object, you need a reference to that object. Normally one of the objects creates the other one. At that time you give it a reference so it can always call methods on the object.

Consider the objects "Boss" and "Worker"

  • Boss hires Worker. (Boss object creates worker object)
  • Boss tells Worker he's the boss. (Boss object calls method on Worker object and which assigns a reference to boss).
  • Boss remembers Worker. (Boss object stores reference to Worker object in instance variable)
  • <<<< time passes... Worker wants raise >>>
  • Worker asks Boss for raise. (Worker object uses reference to Boss object and call method "askForRaise" on it.)
  • <<<< time passes... Boss is sick of lazy Worker >>>
  • Boss fires Worker. (Boss object uses instance variable of Worker object and calls method "fire" on it)

The concept for 3 objects is pretty much the same, you just need more references. Create, assign references, then go separate ways. Whenever they need to talk later you can use the references.

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