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Has anyone got the same need I have for a "name safe"--please define--on top of a "type safe"--please define? I don't have any questions about type safes; I'm just looking for a name safe.

Sample question: you've built an xpath/xquery to run against xml. Is there a way/tool that will check the "xml element/attribute name" against the schema during design and/or compile time? This kind of need will not pop up if you map the XMl to a POJO. I'm looking for something akin to an eclipse plugin that would do this by using content assist and real-time java analysis.

Actually, I'm hoping to find a tool like this to parse some JSON document, rather than XML. I think that the XML community may have the most mature tools stemming from XQuery, and I'm most likely to discover this through that tag.

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Could you please add definitions where I put "please define"? You don't need to change the grammar surrounding it. – Wolfpack'08 Sep 21 '12 at 7:02

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An XML Schema validator will check that an XML document conforms to a set of rules; I believe there are XSD (XML Schema Document) tools available for eclipse.

For JSON there's a thing called JSON Schema, although I think it is not as mature.

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