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I have a JSF search command button and a tomahawk dataTable that showing the result from a search. When clicking on the command button, the dataTable should output the search result. Anyway, since I use the JSF Ajax, the dataTable doesn't show. I am just wondering whether JSF Ajax cause the problem?

Here is the problematic code that cause the table now render:

<h:commandButton id="search" value="#{msg.Label_Search}" action="#{theBean.doSearch}">
  <f:ajax render="searchStatus" execute="@form" />
<h:outputText id="searchStatus" value="Loading data now..." rendered="#{theBean.searchingNow}" />

<h:panelGroup id="searchResultTable">
  <t:dataTable ... />

*Take note on this. If the ajax code were removed. It is working fine.

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You're only updating the searchStatus, not the searchResultTable when the ajax request completes. So the enduser will indeed never see a visual change in the HTML representation of the searchResultTable.

Fix the <f:ajax render> accordingly so that the searchResultTable is also really updated:

<f:ajax render="searchStatus searchResultTable" execute="@form" />
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