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When I minimize the Console, it disappears. And I cannot see it again, although I have go to Windows>Show View>Console.

Please help me for this annoying problem. I cannot download it again, because I have installed many additional plugins for Eclipse.


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I had the same problem too. Impossible to restore the console after minimizing it in Juno, and it wasn't appearing in the toolbar.

In the "Window" menu there is a "Reset perspective" link. It will restore Eclipse perspective to the one you had after a fresh install.

If the console is still not showing up after this operation THEN click on "Window" > "Show view" > "Console".

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I ran into the same problem, only I was having it with other views in addition to the console. I was resetting my perspective continually. I found that uninstalling the Astyle plugin resolved the issue for me.

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If you minimize viewparts in Eclipse, then they don't become completely invisible. The icons of the minimized views are still shown on a toolbar, that may sit on any side of the big Eclipse window. That toolbar has a button labeled "Restore", which is what you want.

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I found that this caused my individual editor windows to "disappear", and I had to "reset perspective" again. Thanks for the tip, though, I had not noticed the "Restore" button on the toolbar. –  noogrub May 16 '13 at 17:29

How about adding an eclipse short cut for the console ? That way you just to use/press the key combination for getting the console.


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Just go to Windows menu and click on Reset perspectives. It fixes the problem.

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