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I am having flat file which contain bad date like [02/02/0200].I want export data into sql table.I am using Condition split or derived column transformation for date column.

I want that correct date goes to main table and errors rows go to error table.

Could you please let me know what expression i have to used for date column .

Thanks, Jeetesh Garg

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When you convert your date [02/02/0200] it's gonna be 200 Year 02 Month 02 Day. So you need to eliminate nonsenses dates. This gonna eliminate dates which are lower than 2000 Years.

(DT_DATE)([YourDate]) > (DT_DATE)(2000 - 01 - 01)

OK so new derived column statement (bccPostDate - data type is "unicode string" ) :

((DT_I4)(SUBSTRING(bccPostDate,1,2))) > 12 || ((DT_I4)(SUBSTRING(bccPostDate,4,2))) > 31 || ((DT_I4)(SUBSTRING(bccPostDate,7,4))) < 1900 ? "" : bccPostDate

IS working I have tried with Years and this statement returning column with "Unicode string" data type.

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Thanks...... I Have passed below expression in Derived column nd it is working YEAR((dt_date)bccPostDate) < 1900 || MONTH((dt_date)bccPostDate) > 12 || DAY((dt_date)bccPostDate) > 31 ? " " : bccPostDate – Jeetesh Sep 19 '12 at 8:37
Updated Answer, I take that yours date is this format mm/dd/yyyy if your date format is dd/mm/yyyy you need to change 12 to 31 and 31 to 12 :) – Justin Sep 19 '12 at 16:57

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