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Ok i need my app to retrieve data from a DB and display it in my app, i know this can be done using XML/JSON parsing but the data is to be updated almost daily so updating XML file wont be a possibility. The server uses SQL DB, so is there any other way other than Parsing data from it? I have heard about web service getting data n returning it to the app but in my case will it work? Will ibe able to retrieve specific data i need from the server?

Thank you

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Yes. You need to create one web service and deploy it on your server which query the database and return the response in JSON/XML format and then parse that response and update your app's data. That's the straight simple way.

As you said you need to do this daily, you can think of creating a Service for the task and might be you can use AlarmManager too.

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+1 but Question contain "The server uses SQL DB, so is there any other way other than Parsing data from it?" – Paresh Mayani Sep 19 '12 at 5:22
ha ha ha... I dont know what is SQL DB and Web Servers...So can't even think on it.. @PareshMayani for that will have to contact one good experienced web developer I guess...or I guess we should edit the question and add tag SQL or something...what you say.!! – MKJParekh Sep 19 '12 at 6:40

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