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I have a specific project where I need to wrap every code line at 65 characters. I have set up the eclipse Java code formatter properly for this. But what I really want is a vertical line to be drawn in the editor showing where the max line width while I am typing, not just when I run the formmater. I know this feature is available in some capacity because it is displayed in the code formatter property page.

I don't see any option in eclipse to turn this on and I didn't see any plug-ins that do it on Eclipse Plugin Central

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Look in Windows / Preferences (at least on Windows - IIRC it moves around for different operating systems) then:

General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Show Print Margin

Tick this and it should show the line.

As a quick way of finding this, use the search filter in the top and filter on "margin".

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You should also change the line length for code formatting: stackoverflow.com/a/3697302/311744 –  pinouchon Mar 13 '12 at 20:21

In Eclipse Luna (4.4): Choose menu Window\Preference . Look at top-left corner, in search box type filter text, type: margin.

enter image description here

In section Apperance color option, Choose Print margin. Choose Show print margin. In text box Print margin column , type 65 as what you want.

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This answer repeats the answer above, with a screen shot. –  Alexey Ivanov Dec 10 '14 at 8:51
@AlexeyIvanov True but this answer adds to the original. The screenshot is a nice addition in general but especially because the highlighting shows how to change the color of the margin. I would have found this myself eventually because the print margin in the Luna dark theme was blinding me but this answer made my life easier which is always a good thing in an SO answer. –  Night Owl Jun 19 at 8:05

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