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I know this question is asked many times and I still get problems when I follow the guide when including multiple parameters in my select query. Here is my configuration file:

<select id="selectByDate" parameterType="map" resultMap="campaignStats">
    SELECT * FROM CampaignStats WHERE statsDate >= #{start} AND statsDate <= #{end}

Here is my Java code:

public List<DpCampaignStats> selectByDate(Date start, Date end){
    SqlSession session = sqlSessionFactory.openSession();
    try {
        Map<String, Date> map = new HashMap<String, Date>();
        map.put("start", start);
        map.put("end", end);
        List<DpCampaignStats> list = session.selectList("DpCampaignStats.selectByDate", map);
        return list;
    } finally {

But I get the error: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError which means that I have some errors in my configuration file and I cannot find the reason.

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Just wrap you SQL statement in CDATA:

   SELECT * FROM CampaignStats WHERE statsDate >= #{start} AND statsDate <= #{end}
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I have found the answer by myself: '<' and '>' have certain meanings in xml files, so the '>=' should be '>=' while the '<=' should be '<='.

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escaping of '>' to &gt; is not necessary –  StrekoZ Feb 14 '13 at 14:50

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