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What is the command in MySQL to auto-complete the keywords (like the working of tab in Ubuntu Terminal). I use the rehash command, sometimes it works, but sometimes it does not.

Is there any possible alternative for it?

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Looks like this might be answered here – Alain Collins Sep 19 '12 at 6:20
Thanks for redirecting, but i have more queries and i am not allowed to comment there :/ – vipin8169 Sep 19 '12 at 6:33
The rehash or auto-rehash, both commands doesn't seem to work for me – vipin8169 Sep 19 '12 at 6:34
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The shortcut for REHASH; is \#. Interestingly, I have also discovered on one server (CentOS 6.x, MySQL 5.1) that REHASH does not work yet \# does.

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