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Im now devloping Unity app, and want to use camera.

i consider it memory issue, and i want to know how to limit camera capture image size before getting image in onActivityResult invoked.

(for who doesn't know about unity activity, just consider it as 'heavy activity with GL, etc..' and come up with any idea. any help will be appreciated. Unity is in fact a Game Engine.)

activity flow is like this UnityTestActivity(Extends UnityActivity) > GetBitmapFromAndroidActivity(extends Activity) and i call camera capture intent from 'GetBitmapFromAndroidActivity' activity.

Here's situation that is not related to Unity(Heavy) Activity. When i use samsung camera with lower size(ie.640*800) onActivityResult is invoked after onStop, and evrything works fine. When i use smasung camera with maximum size(3264*2448) , after onStop, the prior one(UnityTestActivity) is re-created and onCreate is invoked. and 'GetBitmapFromAndroidActivity' activity is also being recreated, then onactivityresult is invoked. its wierd.

And here's my Question. 1. is it normal android memory-short situation or unity one? 2. and is there any idea that can limit size of camera capture image size before reaching onActivityResult? I did MediaStore.EXTRA_SIZE_LIMIT but had no effect at all.. is it video one? 3. Any samsung camera well-known memory short issue?? 4. Is there any site that i can view "UnityAndroidActivity' source code or simmilar one?

Im developing SamsungGalaxyNote and maximum image size is 3264x2448. i know well-known samsung camera nullpointer case Link and it is not the case because mine never calls onActivityResult.

Thanx for reading.

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Any ideas welcome!!!! –  mylifeforIU Sep 19 '12 at 6:12

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Self Reply. I implemented custom camera myself. it never solved. high quality camera capture from unity-like heavy activity never succeded..

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