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Possible Duplicate:
App is misconfigured for Facebook login : Android Facebook integration issue

I connect and post something on MyApp using Facebook SDK. Everything's ok until I install Facebook app then login to it. After that, I login MyApp again... Bump! An error happens:

Facebook dialog shows error: "MyApp is misconfigured for Facebook login. Press Ok to go back to the application without connecting it to Facebook".

When I signout Facebook app then login MyApp, it still shows the above error. What a strange problem! It's like a bug.

I guess Single Sign On makes MyApp open FacebookApp's dialog. It make something more security but why does it generates the above error once I logged in? I think they use the same session. How to make them to act independently?

I tried to set Android KeyHash and enable Single Sign On but nothing changes. OK, I disable all of them and try again, nothing changes again.

I read this but nothing helps.

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can you please provide logcat error here? – Saifuddin Sarker Sep 19 '12 at 6:40
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I believe you would be getting the Facebook Error when you try to login. You have to solve this yourself! :(…but yeah first find out what the problem is. Try to log the error (in the onFacebookError method, add a log entry and log the error details) and then you should be able to see the description of what exactly is going wrong; that should be a good start.

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