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Who knows the issue? It seems Swagger cannot support IE. I deployed Swagger example as following in Tomcat. The example works well in Google Chrome & Firefox. https://github.com/wordnik/swagger-core/tree/master/samples/no-server

But the example cannot be shown in IE correctly. URL always be directed to tomcat's index page. I have tried to change "localhost" to IP or hostname, but it still cannot work in IE. Does swagger cannot support IE? Is it a bug?

Input the URL and run in IE

Redirect to the URL (always insert # inside)

Thanks for your help.

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Swagger's own petstore demo doesn't seem to work in IE either, so I guess it's a problem with the code rather than with your particular installation.

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I guess that might be the case at the time this comment was written. I can see the petstore demo work fine in IE 8 now. –  N3WYrK Apr 25 at 15:18

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