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An external web service is sending json or xml towards my app. What would be the best way to consume this data? Is there a built-in library in Rails or Ruby to do this or do I need to use a gem for this?

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Try nokogiri.

There's a good explanation of how to use it here:


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For parsing json, you can use rails' method ActiveSupport::JSON.decode directly in your controller code. For what concerns XML parsing instead, you can choose between rexml (included in the ruby Standard Library), hapricot and libxml-ruby (available via ruby gem).

The choice is ultimately a matter of taste and performance. This benchmark claims that libxml-ruby is the fastest one, though it requires a few other libraries.

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another nice lib for xml is nokogiri, also a rubygem –  Peer Allan Aug 8 '09 at 15:14

if it is a web service you query as a source of data, consider making an ActiveResource here is a railscast of the basics


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