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I'm trying to use mapreduce, but it converts integers into floats for some reason.


function() {
    emit(this._id.p, 1);


function(key, values) {
    var total = 0;
    for(var i = 0; i < values.length; i++) {
        total += values[i];
    return total;

I get an output like this:

    {u'_id': 1.0, u'value': 6.0}, 
    {u'_id': 2.0, u'value': 6.0}, 
    {u'_id': 3.0, u'value': 5.0}, 
    {u'_id': 4.0, u'value': 6.0}, 
    {u'_id': 5.0, u'value': 3.0}, 
    {u'_id': 6.0, u'value': 6.0},
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Javascript doesn't have a notion of "integer," all numbers are floats. So your emit(this._id.p, 1) statement is emitting the float 1.0. MongoDB provides a NumberInt and NumberLong class to the Javascript interpreter to work around this.

Try emit(this._id.p, NumberInt(1)) instead.

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