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Quick question: Is it possible to use Adobe Brackets to debug Node.js using Node-inspector. Like be able to step debug in Adobe Brackets?


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There's a Brackets extension for "Live Development" with Node.js:

And a general JS debugger extension:

The problem is they don't work together yet: the debugger assumes you're using the usual Live Development mode, which connects to a Chrome browser instance. The authors of those two extensions collaborate frequently, and I believe at one point they were working on making the extensions compatible (see the "v8bridge" branch in the first extension). I think they'd be pretty responsive if you start a thread in the brackets-dev Google Groups forum with this question.

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There's also but it's no more active than the others. – Ben Creasy Aug 16 at 7:05

The Theseus project for Brackets is an 'omniscient debugger' that supports inspecting code that's running in Node.

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