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I am a php programmer, I want to create soap web service using WSDL, Please suggest me any simple tutorial or code that able to make object on Device(iphone, blackberry,Android) End.

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I created a library in PHP to easily develop standard SOAP services. It automatically generates SOAP send/receive messages and also generate WSDL document. Its open source and you can get it from here: asimishaq.com/resources/easy-soap-web-service-php – asim-ishaq Jan 10 '14 at 16:19

There are some tutorials & examples of soap (wsdl) web service in php.

Following are the links:

  1. Developing Web Services Using PHP
  2. PHP Web Services with WSDL
  3. Creating Web Services with PHP and SOAP, Part 1
  4. Creating Web Services with PHP and SOAP, Part 2
  5. wsdl2php Manual
  6. Web Services - WSDL: Creating SOAP Server
  7. WSDL Document Example


The SoapClient class is used in latest version of php(5.3 & up).

It may help you.

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Please avoid following suggested links: most of them are really OUT OF DATE. For example, using nusoap is really a pain in the ass with a currently supported version of PHP (e.g. 5.3/5.4). A better alternative is native SoapClient, see http://php.net/soapclient

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i am new to php and want to host a soap service on apache. Can you provide me any client/server example based on php 5.3 – user2383973 May 12 '14 at 5:39

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