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How to convert ms-access last() function to sql server 2008 equivalent query? code is

    DISTINCT Last([Title].[Number) AS Row_ID 
FROM [Title] 
HAVING (Last([Title].[Number]) Is Null)
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You should explain what the LAST supposed to do in your query – codingbiz Sep 19 '12 at 7:48
is migrating to SQL 2012 an option ? LAST_VALUE – tschmit007 Sep 19 '12 at 8:42
are you sure this query of yours select anything? I am worried about the NULL part. What is this query doing? – codingbiz Sep 19 '12 at 8:45

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Try this

Select Top 1 Number From
  Select Number From Title ORDER BY Number DESC
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It has no direct equivalent but can generally be achieved by combinations of ORDER BY and ROW_NUMBER(), or possibly MAX - if you provide more context and sample data then it is easier to give a definitive answer

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Try to use LAST_VALUE(Title.Number) over (...)

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You need to use sub-query with ORDER BY because sql-server doesn't guaranty order of rows without this clause . See the example.

declare @tbl table(f1 int, f2 varchar(10), d datetime)

insert into @tbl values (1,'1-first','20120917')
insert into @tbl values (1,'1-middle','20120918')
insert into @tbl values (1,'1-last','20120919')
insert into @tbl values (2,'2-just one','20120917')

select f1, (select TOP 1 f2 from @tbl t2 where t2.f1=t1.f1 order by d DESC) Last_f2
from @tbl t1
group by f1
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