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Is there any way to rotate Android screen that is installed on VMWare?

These keys don't work on VMWare:

KEYPAD_7, Ctrl-F11

KEYPAD_9, Ctrl-F12

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No one can help me? –  Behzad Sep 19 '12 at 20:45

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I think i can

I installed an application on my JellyBean that is Android x86 4.2 which change the rotation of my screen and after even reboot, reset nothing reset and screen was still same

after many hour of searching i found nothing works some suggestion

the Num off 7, 9 doesn't work

But finally i got the solution

press ctrl + F9 multiple times for me it was 3 and also the other three are the following

ctrl + F9 for 0 or 360 degree

ctrl + F10 for 90 degree

ctrl + F11 for 180 degree

ctrl + F12 for 270 degree

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