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MySQL is set as UTF-8(utf8_general_ci: MySQL, Table, Column). I can SELECT varchar value as original double byte character via ADODB and ASP(Legacy VB Script). These characters are inserted from phpMyAdmin.

ASP pages are saved as encoding Shift_JIS and ADODB connection parameter is indicated as dsn=...;APP=ASP Script;STMT=SET CHARACTER SET SJIS;

But when I will UPDATE field from ASP, updated varchar string has NO(ommited) double byte character but has single byte character in phpMyAdmin.

How to fix these update/insert issue? I tried to change MySQL charset to sjis but it wouldn't fix the issue.

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OMG, what a mess of heterogeneous technologies!! – Rafael Sep 19 '12 at 18:01
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I could resolve the issue. Route cause is in SQL.

UPDATE users SET name = N'aaaa' WHERE id = N'BBB';

This 'N' makes characters boroken. I was using ASP program with MS-SQL Server english version and this 'N' must be attached. I must remove all these 'N's when move to MySQL from MS-SQL!

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