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Using the maven versions plugin I update the version numbers of the pom files :

versions:set -DnewVersion=1.0.2-SNAPSHOT 

I then check in the pom files manually prior to performing a build. I don't think the versions plugin can check in files automatically? The maven releases plugin seems to offer functionalty for checking in files using the 'prepare' goal.

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I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you asking how to configure scm in your project? Are you versioning for a release ? – MikePatel Sep 19 '12 at 9:17
@MikePatel ive updated my question, can the maven versions plugin check in files or do I need to use the relases plugin ? – user701254 Sep 19 '12 at 10:19
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No turns out its only poor mans SCM (stores a backup with the changes you make to the pom and allows you to revert to it).

Use the release plugin.

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