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I am trying to debug my Objective-C program, and I need to print my unsigned long long variable in hex. I am using the lldb debugger.

In order to print short as hex, you can use this:

(lldb) type format add --format hex short
(lldb) print bit
(short) $11 = 0x0000

However, I can't make it work for unsigned long long.

// failed attempts:
(lldb) type format add --format hex (unsigned long long)
(lldb) type format add --format hex unsigned long long
(lldb) type format add --format hex unsigned decimal
(lldb) type format add --format hex long long
(lldb) type format add --format hex long
(lldb) type format add --format hex int

I am running an iOS app on simulator, if that makes any difference.

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type format add expects the type name as a single word -- you need to quote the argument if it is multiple words. e.g.

   2    {
   3      unsigned long long a = 10;
-> 4      a += 5;
   5      return a;
   6    }
(lldb) type form add -f h "unsigned long long"
(lldb) p a
(unsigned long long) $0 = 0x000000000000000a
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After reading the rest of the document, I found out it is possible to do something like this:

// ObjC code
typedef int A;


(lldb) type format add --format hex A

This gave me the idea to typedef unsigned long long BigInt :

// ObjC code
typedef unsigned long long BigInt;


(lldb) type format add --format hex BigInt

Works like a charm.

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