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How can i create custom channel for the websphere MQ and how to configure with java client program ,

Which channel i want to create for send message to websphereMQ (Server-connection-Channel is ok)

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Please checkout documentation and examples about websphere MQ on ibm sites. –  Stephan Sep 19 '12 at 10:25

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You will need to create a Server connection (SVRCONN) channel for your client application to send messages to a WebSphere MQ Queue. It does not matter whether the application is developed in Java, C, C# etc.

You can either use MQ Explorer (GUI) or RUNMQSC(cmd line) for creating a SVRCONN channel. In MQExplorer right click on "Channels" and select "Server-Connection channel" menu. A wizard pops up which will guide you to create a channel.

You can also use "RUNMQSC" command line tool. From a command prompt run "runmqsc " which opens a MQ shell. In the shell run the below command (replace <> with your preferred names) in simplest form.


You can also specify a number of other attributes for this command which described here

A number of Java/JMS samples are shipped with MQ. SimplePTP.java explains how to use a SVRCONN to connect to a queue manager and send/receive messages.

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