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I can't import wxPython on OSX Lion after installing wxPython from this package

I also tried to add wxPython directories to PYTHONPATH, but still, I cant import it. Installer created these folders:


I added them onto PYTHONPATH, but still no success. Still getting no module called wx.

When I tried to install it via pip (pip install wx), I was able to import wx, but unable to import wx.App(), wx.Frame() etc.

Any ideas?

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I'm having a similar issue as you, but I was using homebrew and python brew and pip. I posted this in reddit:

Apparently, wx is not the same as wxpython.

I used homebrew and installed wxmac instead to get it working.

It might help a little.

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If you can import wx then it is working.

How are you trying to import App and Frame etc?

You only need to do

import wx
app= wx.App()

or if you do only want to import App and Frame then,

from wx import Frame, App
app = App()
frame = Frame(None)
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PLease read my post carefully. I was able to import wx only when I installed it via pipm but only thing i could do was – Meph Sep 19 '12 at 14:50

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