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rails count double entries

<% @users.each do |user| %>
<li><%= user.user_id %><%= %></li>

Query Result gives me

•   1 fred
•   1 fred
•   9 charlie

The result could be 10 different user and/or some could be double or triple in the result. I want to mark them when they appear multipe. How is the best way to find out which user_id's are size/count >=2 in user? To make it clear: I dont want to find out double entries in my model, but in the result.


<% @users.each do |user| %>
<li class="<%= mark_it(@users, user.user_id) %>"><%= user.user_id %><%= %></li>


  def mark_it(users,id)
   user_counts =
   users.each {|user| user_counts[] += 1}
   ordered_results = user_counts.sort_by{|user| -user_counts[user]}
   most_appearances = ordered_results.take_while {|user, count| count >= 2}
   top_users = {|user, count| user}
   return 'make_bold' if top_users == [id]
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Cannot say the question has become much clearer but... For example you can do something like this:

users_grouped = @users.group_by {|user| user.user_id}

This will produce hash where keys are user ids and values are array of user objects with this id, i.e.

 1 => [<User...,name=fred>, <User...,name=fred>], 
 9 => [<User...,name=charlie>]

Then you can iterate through hash and count the array size

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