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I have 10 radio button list in the .aspx page (in asp.net) ,in the database one Row (name Answer)

1.In the Model Layer ,I mention this code

 public class DimensionQuestion
           public string NewCompanyName { get; set; }
           public string NewSurveyName { get; set; }
           public List<int> NewAnswer { get; set; }

2.In the Data Layer Layer,I mention this Code,

public static bool InsertNewDimAnswer(DimensionQuestion dimension)
           bool result;

           using (var helper = new DbHelper())
               _cmdtext = "sp_InsertNewDimAnswer";

               var success = new SqlParameter("@Success", SqlDbType.Bit, 1, ParameterDirection.Output, true, 0, 0,
                                              "Result", DataRowVersion.Default, 0);

               foreach (string s in dimension.NewAnswer)
                   if (s.Trim().Length > 0)
                       var parameter = new[]
                                        new SqlParameter("@CompanyName", dimension.NewCompanyName),
                                        new SqlParameter("@SurveyName", dimension.NewSurveyName),

                                        new SqlParameter("@Answer",s  ),

                       helper.ExecuteScalar(_cmdtext, CommandType.StoredProcedure, parameter);
               result = (bool)success.Value;

           return result;
  1. Finally in the Business Layer

    private void FillObjects() { List Answer = new List(); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer1.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer2.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer3.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer4.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer5.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer6.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer7.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer8.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer9.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer10.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer11.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer12.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer13.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer14.Text.Trim())); Answer.Add(Convert.ToInt32(rbAnswer15.Text.Trim())); _DimensionQuestion.NewAnswer = Answer; }

And on the Button Click

protected void btnSave_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

                if (InsertData.InsertNewDimAnswer(_DimensionQuestion) 

                    ShowMessage("Information is saved");

                    ShowMessage("Please try again");


                //_DimensionQuestion = null;

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Just store it as a semi colon delimited string in the database.

When building the string loop through the radio buttons and then add ; then store the full string in the database.

Then when filling the data back in just split the string by the ; and fill the array/list with each item.

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