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In my case, the question is concretely on JSF, but it can be applied to any technology using web interfaces.

I am mantaining a web interface (xhtml, using JSF), which is all static text (harcoded).

Instead of using hard-coded text, the other option is using something like <h:outputText value=" #{msg['']} > and put in a properties file. This allows you to go i18n very easily.

Intuitively, this option is better, but in case you never ever plan to i18n, is it better than just coding? I did not find any clear answer to that question.

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You can centralize messages, so in case you need to change a label you don't need to search whole project and replace it every where, You could simply replace it in message bundle

It also enables i18n

You can have parametrized messages

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It also translates html entities nicely, and allows you to reuse text, which will lead to consistency.

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