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I would like know how can I change this:

<select id="mifid-proprio" name="mifid-proprio">
    <option value="{{ personne.id }}">{{ personne.prenom }} {{ personne.nom }}</option>
    {% for key, proprietaire in proprietaires %}
        <option value="{{ proprietaire.destination.id }}">{{ proprietaire.destination.prenom }} {{ proprietaire.destination.nom }}</option>
    {% endfor %}

into Twig + Formbuilder (Symfony 2).

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Your question is unclear, it's in twig already, what are you trying to do? – Maerlyn Sep 19 '12 at 11:36

I think you want to build that widget in the FormBuilder. If I am right you should take a look at the documentation of the choice Field Type. When the data you want to display in that select box comes from a database you should take a look at the entity Field Type. If you have never worked with the FormBuilder before, you should also read how to create form classes.

If you build that widget in the FormBuilder you can output it in Twig with:

{{ form_widget(form.field_name) }}

When you are not satisfied with the generated HTML code you can overwrite it, either on a per-template or global basis. You can read more about form theming.

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