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i am surprising after seeing the result of FlexPMD. i installed FlexPMD as zoltanb said me. I have a Project with 2500 Files approximately and as I remember, i had a lots of duplicate code and not commented code means that a line is commented which call a function so Whole function commented Automatically so Why PMD not Gives a Result or any output in FlexPMD tab?

If you have any Idea, please Help me...

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I have the same issue. Although it did work at one point. –  The_asMan Sep 19 '12 at 20:48

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After Researching, we find some point to resolve this problem:

1. Your Project Path do not contain any space.

2. Your Flex SDK must opened in Administrative Mode.

here My Problem is that My Project path contain a space D:\Facebook apps after changing it to D:\Facebookapps, i have solution.

May this Works For you @The_asMan

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