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Trying to change Font Style to Underline for 1 line,and printing next line in Regular Style is not working for me. I am trying something like this:-

    textBox1.Font = new Font(textBox1.Font, FontStyle.Underline);
    textBox1.Text+="This line should be underlined";
    textBox1.Font = new Font(textBox1.Font, FontStyle.Regular);
    textBox1.Text+="This line should be normal";

But everything is coming only as it is done in the last line affecting FontStyle,in this case Regular. If I remove 3rd line,everything comes underline.

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A normal TextBox usually just supports one style. Its value is just a string, not a string with formatting information.

Instead, use a RichTextBox (WinForms)/RichTextBox (WPF).

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beat me to it :) –  Jordy van Eijk Sep 19 '12 at 9:47

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