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I am completely new to wpf and am not sure which control will serve the requirement.I have attached the screenshot of the requirement at the bottom.Here is the explanation of what needs to be done -

Basically there are list of activities in the first column and in the second,third and fourth column there will be text boxes.For each activity, user can enter - amount/ percentage / Hours, based on the combo box selection at the top of each column. Control should be scrollable but the activity heading and the the three comboboxes should always appear. (Not sure which control to use for this).

List of activities and figures   -      combobox1 - combobox2 - combobox3
activity1 (total cost/Hours)     -      textbox11 - textbox12 - textbox13
activity2 (total cost/Hours)     -      textbox22 - textbox22 - textbox23
and so on

The first column which is a list of activities and figures (hours and cost) is based on the listboxes at the bottom. when an item is dragged across to the right hand listbox, this will create a row in the above grid and the activity will start appearing in the first colum with the figures(hours and cost) along with the three textboxes and when activity is deleted from the righthand listbox, the corresponding activity row will disappear.The figures are calculated values.

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I dont think there is any special control with these features, but you can code it to serve your purpose. –  Xero Nov 10 '12 at 9:14

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I dont think there is any special control with these features, but you can code it to serve your purpose.

Use drag-drop behaviour to add a new row, take a look at this http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/uploadfile/dpatra/drag-and-drop-item-in-listbox-in-wpf/

To delete a row in both at the same time, what method are you using to delete the row? If you are using the delete button keydown event? Then under that event you can delete the same row of the other listbox as well.

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