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So I have a dynamic table on the page 2 where the user can add as many entries as they want. After submitting the 3 page is getting all the info just fine. The problem is my for-loop iteration through the array is not working. Here's the code:

for($i = 0; $i < sizeof($_POST["fname_new"]); $i++) {
    $fname_new = $_POST["fname_new"][i];
    $lname_new = $_POST["lname_new"][i];
    $phone_new = $_POST["phone_new"][i];
    $email_new = $_POST["email_new"][i];
    $ethnicity_new = $_POST["ethnicity_new"][i];
    $stmt = $link -> prepare("INSERT INTO Conference (`First Name`, `Last Name`, `Phone`, `Email`, `Ethnicity`) VALUES (:first_new, :last_new, :phone_new, :email_new, :ethnicity_new)");
    $stmt->bindParam(':first_new', $fname_new);
    $stmt->bindParam(':last_new', $lname_new);
    $stmt->bindParam(':phone_new', $phone_new);
    $stmt->bindParam(':email_new', $email_new);
    $stmt->bindParam(':ethnicity_new', $ethnicity_new);

So when I do

echo sizeof($_POST["fname_new"]);

It shows me the correct number, so if there were 3 rows that the user added on page 2 then the value echoed should be 3, which it is. When I do:

echo $_POST["fname_new"][0];

Then it appropriately gives the first name from the first row. I can replace 0 with any number, as long as it is in bounds, and it is correct. But for some reason when I do

echo $_POST["fname_new"][i];

It doesn't print anything. I have no idea why this for loop isn't working. Logically it is correct. Any ideas?

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it should be $i not i ... –  Surace Sep 19 '12 at 10:02

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You forgot the $ to point to the variable i

Try this:

echo $_POST["fname_new"][$i];
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Besides all the answers given, you are missing the point with prepared queries. You prepare a query once, and use it many times.


  $stmt = $link -> prepare(
     "INSERT INTO Conference (`First Name`, `Last Name`, `Phone`, `Email`, `Ethnicity`)
      VALUES (:first_new, :last_new, :phone_new, :email_new, :ethnicity_new)");

should be outside of the loop!

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what about the binds? Can those be outside as well? –  Richard Sep 19 '12 at 10:03
In this situation they could. For clarity I leave them inside the loop. –  JvdBerg Sep 19 '12 at 10:05

You're missing a $:

$fname_new = $_POST["fname_new"][$i];
$lname_new = $_POST["lname_new"][$i];
$phone_new = $_POST["phone_new"][$i];
$email_new = $_POST["email_new"][$i];
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Should be:


Your passing the literal 'i' (most likely, depends on PHP version) rather than variable $i. So it will be trying to return the value with the key index of 'i', which is not set.

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