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I am trying to get my slider to slide every 7 seconds. Is there any way of doing this by just modifying this code or adding a bit to it rather than rewriting it?

$('#buttons a').click(function(){
    var integer = $(this).attr('rel');
    $('#promotional-slide .cover').animate({left:-640*(parseInt(integer)-1)})  /*----- Width of div promo-section (here 160) ------ */
    $('#buttons a').each(function(){

    $('#promotional-slide .cover').animate({left:-640})  


    $('#promotional-slide .cover').animate({left:640})  


$('.regions ul li a').click(function(){
    return false;
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   $('#buttons a').trigger('click');
}, 7000)
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This works, but only once - it only slides once after 7 seconds.. I also need it to reset and repeat after all slides have been shown –  user1682752 Sep 19 '12 at 10:28
check out this jsfiddle.net/rfES8 there seems to work as you need. I don't understand why is called just once for you.. –  Matei Mihai Sep 19 '12 at 10:36

Work for me using Jquery Slider:

}, 5000);
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