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Can I get the Height and Width of an Image, if it has been Stretched by UniformToFill?

I tried Width and Height properties but they are always NaN.

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If you want to know the dimensions of the image control, this is the way:

double theHeight = this.ActualHeight - img.Margin.Top - img.Margin.Bottom;
double theWidth = this.ActualWidth - img.Margin.Left - img.Margin.Right;

(img is the image control name in the code above, and in the codes below)

And if you want to know actual size of image (before it being stretched) you may try this:

BitmapSource SourceData = (BitmapSource)img.Source;
double imgWidth = SourceData.PixelWidth;
double imgHeight = SourceData.PixelHeight;

(I've Found this here)

Also this will get you the dimensions of image after resizing (But before uniforming):

double actWidth = img.ActualWidth;
double actHeight = img.ActualHeight;

So, one of those variables (actWidth or actHeight) must be equal to image control dimension, and the other will be higher than it.

Please note that the second and the third codes are not working if you call them in Window_Loaded event, since images are not loaded at that moment. You should use it after everything is loaded.

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why do you ask two questions and then answer both of them? Was the questions really necessary? –  Default Sep 19 '12 at 12:10

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