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I am trying to write some tests for my Silex app and have run into an issue.

I have the following phpunit.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <testsuite name="Management Test Suite">

The bootstrap code is


use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Client;

function getJSONResponse($app, Client $client, $url, $params = array())
    $params['test_key'] = $app['test_key'];
    $client->request('GET', $url, $params);
    $response = $client->getResponse();
    $data = json_decode($response->getContent(), true);
    return $data;

My first test file is as follows


require_once $_SERVER['frog_docroot'] . '/www/vendor/autoload.php';

class DefaultTest extends Silex\WebTestCase
    public function createApplication()
        return require $_SERVER['frog_docroot'] . '/www/src/app.php';

    public function testInvalidUrlThrowsException()
        $client = $this->createClient();
        $data = getJSONResponse($this->app, $client, '/some/url/that/does/not/exist');
        $this->assertContains('No route found for "GET /some/url/that/does/not/exist"', $data['message']);

And my second one is


require_once $_SERVER['frog_docroot'] . '/www/vendor/autoload.php';

class AnotherTest extends Silex\WebTestCase
    public function createApplication()
        return require $_SERVER['frog_docroot'] . '/www/src/app.php';

    public function testSearchReturnsResults()
        $client = $this->createClient();
        $data = getJSONResponse($this->app, $client, '/packages/search', array(
            'search' => 'something',
            'offset' => 0,
            'limit' => 10,

            'data' => array(
                '1' => 'Some Package',
            'offset' => 0,
            'limit' => 10,
        ), $data);

The issue is that if I run the test individually they both pass.

If I run them as part of the test suite an exception is thrown

There was 1 failure:

1) AnotherTest::testSearchReturnsResults
Failed asserting that Array (
    'message' => 'No route found for "GET /packages/search"'
    'code' => 0
) is identical to Array (
    'data' => Array (
        '1' => 'Some Package'
    'offset' => 0
    'limit' => 10
    'more' => false

Is there anything obviously wrong with how I am trying to write the tests?


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Where is the code for route /packages/search –  gunnx Sep 25 '12 at 11:50
Have you considered using Behat? –  umpirsky Oct 5 '12 at 5:37
Did you ever figure this out? Running into the same issue. –  Weej Oct 16 '12 at 10:07
If anywhere in the project you have include_once or require_once remove _once! PHPunit doesn't like include_once or require_once! –  PMoubed Feb 3 at 23:27
@PMoubed I had the same issue and was unable to fix it until I read your comment! It should be the accepted answer IMHO! –  ferdynator Sep 7 at 11:00

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