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I am using a rails mountable engine called 'Child' inside the application called 'Parent'.

I have a partial 'child/user/_index.html.erb'

Now I want to render this child's partial in parent controller. Is it possible?

Means I want to do something like

render :partial => 'child/user/index.html.erb'


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Ref this

render :file => 'child/user/index.html.erb' 
###or try '/child/user/index.html.erb'
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you can also use render partial – Paritosh Singh Sep 19 '12 at 11:40

I think you can just render user/index


The engine is unable to find the partial required for rendering the comments. Rails looks first in the application's (test/dummy) app/views directory and then in the engine's app/views directory. When it can't find it, it will throw this error. The engine knows to look for blorgh/comments/comment because the model object it is receiving is from the Blorgh::Comment class.

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This what worked for me:

render file: 'child/user/_index.html.erb'
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