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I am working on a web based application where I need to upload some data. I have two options 1. Ask user to copy/paste data into the text-area. OR 2. Give user a option to upload file and Read the from that file.

But I am worried about the security threats like anyone can upload a malicious file/script or a virus. So What security measures should I take and what is the best option to upload data. Should I go with text-area input.(I have to upload text data only I don't need to upload images or anything else so I can do this with text-input.)


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It all depends on what you do with the file once it has been uploaded. – Joe Gauterin Sep 19 '12 at 10:57
I just have to sort the data and upload into the database. – Ali Sep 19 '12 at 11:28
Be careful to make proper requests (use PreparedStatements) and not store the files in a publicly visible directory and you'll be fine. – Denys Séguret Sep 19 '12 at 14:34
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When you allow someone (meaning anyone) to upload a file, you are basically giving them access to a part of your server. You should of course configure the access rights properly. You shouldn't run your web server as root, but instead create a user and assign to that user only the absolutely necessary rights. The application server user should have write access rights to the directory, where the files are to be uploaded.

No matter how meticulously you configure everything, there's always the risk of an exploit in your OS, application server or Java. If I were you and could replace the file upload with a textarea, I would have definitely used that instead of playing around with server access rights.

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No, file upload is not a security threat, neither for your user or your server, as long as you don't do foolish things like trying to execute what you receive.

If you allow file upload and use the content of the file normally, there isn't any more security threats than with text areas.

The security problem may arise from a bad use of the data, like for example direct concatenation to a SQL query, redistribution of the file, etc. but a virus you receive can do no harm if you don't try to execute it.

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It depends. I vote for text area to use upload if your requirement suffices that. Only thing you need to take care in this case is to protect against Script injection.

For example I can inject Java Script functions using <script></script>. You can avoid this by putting a filter in Server side.

If you choose File Upload strategy please put cap of maximum size of file and type of files. And also I believe we can put Anti Virus scanner before file is actually upload to the server

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A lot of the security concerns around file upload are to do with social media type sites (as I understand it) - because they will be hosting and serving files that users have uploaded. Therefor, if someone uploads a malicious / virus-ridden file, the website could end up infecting all their visitors.

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