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I took a look over this question and I was wondering the opposite situation. Why would be needed?

Someone said there that:

Why would you have a "shared method" that is in a class, not in a module? Answer: To share it amongst instances of its class.

Well this it is clear why it would be necessary to use a static method within a non-static class. What about the opposite?

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The original question is about C#. You tagged your question Java. Java doesn't have static top-level classes. Only static inner classes. What's the question exactly? – JB Nizet Sep 19 '12 at 10:58
Javan and C# are different. In C# you can't have a non-static method in a static class. – Adriano Repetti Sep 19 '12 at 10:59

The opposite (instance method in static class) is impossible, at least in C#. It produces compile time error.

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In Java, static methods work the same way in nested static class as they do in non-nested non-static classes.

In the example given the main(String[] args) has to be static

If you have a method which doesn't use this it is preferable (and simpler) to make the method static so its clear the method doesn't need an instance.

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A class can only be declared static when it is a nested class - you do that when you want that nested class to be accessible without having to create an instance of the containing class.

Apart from that, it is just a normal class, which can have an instance state (non static variables) and you would use non static methods in that class like you would in any other class...

For example, HashMap contains a static nested class Entry which has some non-static methods.

ps: you just added the C# tag - my answer relates to your original question, tagged Java.

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Static class cannot be instantiated so there is no use of declaring non static methods inside a static class.

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