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I'm using Confluence 4.1.4 and want links to spaces and pages to be visible to anybody, even if the user hasn't got view permission for the target.

This is the code:

<ac:link><ri:space ri:space-key="FOO" /><ac:plain-text-link-body>Bar</ac:plain-text-link-body></ac:link>

The user won't see "Bar" but only FOO. IMHO it would be even better not to display the link at all.

Is there a workaround that displays the page title (without using an exotic plugin).

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In Confluence 4.3 the text of the links (e.g. page title) is visible for users who doesn't have view permission for the target.

I don't know in which version this introduces.

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Good to know, but we currently can't upgrade. Any workaround for 4.1.4? –  lilalinux Sep 20 '12 at 6:39
Not of any i can think of. Except using Plugins (Visibility PLugin) –  jimmybondy Sep 20 '12 at 7:07
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The (ugly) workaround in our case is to treat the links as external links.

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