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A while ago I've asked a question regarding textboxvalidation with regex (link). So according to the answer, I use a (clientside) regularexpressionvalidator with the following regex:


Which worked as expected unless a word with accents is entered ( eg élè) for searching élève. In that case the validation is not passed.

Can someone help me out on how to include accented letters in the above regex? Some pages tells that \w should include accented letters, however when I test it with an online validator it fails.


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Try this:




This will include all characters from À to ÿ (all accent characers including French accents in uppercase and lowercase)

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Thanks, works like a charm. I can't get those Regex in my mind. But very occasionally I do need it... – Koen Sep 19 '12 at 13:50
You are my hero. Every where else I've looked, people are saying to use \p{L}. Which for some reason doesn't seem to work in the asp regex validator. – Jason Williams Aug 31 '15 at 17:08

Try to use \p{L} instead of \w. This would allow all characters in the Unicode "Letter" category. You might have to include number manually (\p{N}). (See the MSDN)

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